A dog. A man. A miracle. In Bailey’s Remarkable Plan, David R. Hardiman shares his poignant story of struggle, prejudice, and pain. But this is also a story of perseverance, triumph, and love. Hardiman discovers that his four-footed companion, delivered to him by chance, is more than his best friend. Bailey is also his service dog, a shih tzu with an extraordinary gift – part of God’s “remarkable plan” –  that allows her to assist, to protect, and to love.

Bailey’s Remarkable Plan will inspire you, inform you, and challenge you to feel compassion for those suffering silently among us because of circumstances beyond their control. God sent Bailey to this earth as part of His plan, an angel in the form of a remarkable dog. Not the typical service dog, Bailey performs a miracle in the life of her owner and friend. And Hardiman’s story will touch your heart as you journey along with the boy who became a man encircled by love.

“It is so inspiring to see how a dog named Bailey was able to effect such positive change in a person’s life. Bailey’s Remarkable Plan is an uplifting book that not only shows the power of one little dog, but the bigger picture of God’s power to help us overcome adversity.”

“Bailey’s Remarkable Plan vividly illustrates the importance of service dogs of all kinds. As someone who volunteers with Leader Dogs for the Blind, I not only see how these special dogs are valued, but also how they are the catalyst for so many individuals to overcome adversity. This book demonstrates that concept many times over in the author’s dependence on God as well as on the dog God provided just for him.”
Owner of Yates Cider Mill, a State of Michigan Historical Site

“As someone who has witnessed, and personally experienced, tremendous adversities, I can easily see God’s handprint of grace and power throughout Bailey’s Remarkable Plan. I believe that God often sends an unexpected blessing that serves to give us hope and the determination to persevere in even the most tragic personal events. That’s exactly what God did through Bailey, and this book is a true testimony that miracles do happen.”
Swadley’s Emergency Relief Team